The Madtech Audio produced 'Professor Riffensteins Guide to scales' Madtech Audio presents the easiest way you are ever going to learn your scales! 7 speed settings ensure you always play at your own pace. Fully animated with instant access to each position. Fun and interesting ideas to help develop your own style. Help and advice on all the techniques needed to play well. Free online support. Play the guitar, learn the scales and never be stuck for ideas again!
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Madtech graphic design studio can turn any recording into a finished, sellable product. Music industry specialist in print, website and multimedia. Are you agency and record label ready?

Industry design @ Madtech Audio

Not just a recording studio! Madtech also has an in-house graphic design studio which specialises in music industry design for print, web and multimedia.
Imaginative, thoughtful and precise graphic design on your project will ensure that your ' book ' can be judged by its cover!

Print design

Today more then ever, image is king. As you well know, the music industry and music buying public, have always needed a visual aid to connect them to an artist. Theres no point recording your ' best ever ', just to have it ignored or worse binned by the audience your trying to reach. Madtech have incorporated everything you need to not only make your product, but also to make your product sell.
Do first impressions count? Of course they do, how many of us have disregarded something simply on the strength of its front? Remember then, that the front of all your recording work is not the first track, it's the cover of your C.D.
We can take care of all your print design requirements at Madtech, either designing from scratch or by incorporating your current logos and themes. Top quality print design from C.D covers, C.D booklets, posters, flyers and brochures, through to the complete portfolios that are required by management companies, booking agencies and all the major record labels. (bookings) (top)

Website creation

If you're thinking that your act/ band doesn't need a website, you should think again! It's now widely accepted in every form of marketing, that a clickable link to information should be provided. There is no better way to sell yourself globally, than with a well designed website by Madtech.
You may well already have a website, but can people find you in a general search? Webmastering is where we can help raise your profile. Want to really stand out from the web-crowd? Madtech can utilise the latest techniques, including Flash and streaming media, to really make your site a ' hit ' website! (bookings) (top)

Multimedia projects

Imagine being able to bundle all of your promotional material into one blow-away package, that would have even the major players impressed. Now you can with a Madtech multimedia C.D Rom. Comprising of your latest recording, website, promotional photos, articles, reviews, video footage and any other sellable material all tightly integrated into a superbly designed, interactive, multimedia C.D Rom.
Our multimedia doesn't stop there however, we can also design and produce stage backdrops, high quality promotional T-shirts and clothing, customise all band equipment and anything else your imagination can suggest! If it can take a print, we'll print you on it! (bookings) (top)

Free C.D templates

Looking for free cd templates? Then look no further! Available for download in PDF format, our templates are the standard ' tray ' with side texts, front 2 panel, 3 panel ' Z ' and 4 panel ' M ' in both RGB and CMYK colourspaces. 6.7mb zipped into just 1.6mb for quick downloading, enjoy! P.C & Mac
Please note All downloads are password protected zip files, click here to request password. (Privacy) (top)

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