The Madtech Audio produced 'Professor Riffensteins Guide to scales' Madtech Audio presents the easiest way you are ever going to learn your scales! 7 speed settings ensure you always play at your own pace. Fully animated with instant access to each position. Fun and interesting ideas to help develop your own style. Help and advice on all the techniques needed to play well. Free online support. Play the guitar, learn the scales and never be stuck for ideas again!
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Finally theres our problem solving solutions department. Original music, dedicated promotional service, finishing and free online help.

Music solutions @ Madtech Audio

If you have a problem, loose end or just some dirty work that needs doing, then Madtech can help.
Let us deal with any part of your setup that troubles you, and leave yourself to concentrate on the music!

Original music

From a 5 second inccidental to a full-blown film score, Madtech can write and produce any length and style of original music that your project requires. Arrangements and compositions for Television, film and computer games are all areas that Madtech can provide solutions.
What do you need? It may just be a simple section on one of your tracks, a solo for an instrument that's not currently in your line up or an entire album of material, either way the result is still the same. High quality and written to your exact specifications. (bookings) (top)

Act promotion

Got your recording? So now where are you going? Just having a product is not enough, you also need to know the best places to demonstrate and promote it. Madtech has a vast database of industry resources and knowledge at its disposal.
We know many valuable and underused ways to promote your act efficiently, and can deliver a highly productive promotion for your act, leaving you to simply concentrate on the music. Detail us with your promotional goals and we will aim you straight for it!
No more wasted time and money sending out C.Ds and promotional packs, telephone calls and e-mails! Madtech can ensure that your ' promotional machine ' works as smoothly and efficiently as the rest of your act, giving you that top-to-toe class that the big money boys expect! (bookings) (top)


Do you have a project that has hit a wall and just needs someone to step in? We're ready and able to do any editing, conversions, filtering and finishing needed to deliver your project in the best possible shape!
Get those unfinished songs, tunes and good ideas out of the cupboard, blow off the dust and we will get them completed and ready to use on your project. (bookings) (top)

Free help

Madtech is happy to answer your questions relating to audio solutions. We can help you with original music, promotional and technical questions free of charge. Please drop us a line!
Click here to ask Madtech. (Privacy) (top)

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