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The Madtech recording studio can cater for all your recording and remixing needs, as well as our special ' Rockstar session ' , ' karaoke parties ' and beautiful high-spec Downtime lounge!

Recording studio @ Madtech Audio

Our recording studio is fully equipt to meet the growing demands of the professional recording artist.
Whether you're a solo artist or part of a large group, the Madtech recording studio is ready to deliver the results you've always wanted to hear!


We believe a recording should be of exceptional quality, but it should also reflect your enjoyment and our enthusiasm in recording it. That's why at Madtech our engineers are relaxed, friendly and always open to suggestions. They are also fully qualified to use our high-spec equipment, leaving you to relax and enjoy your time at Madtech.
Have you ever had an excellent recording session, and still felt the product was unfinished? Not at Madtech! We have a range of booking options from a simple laying of tracks, to having the recording completed, mixed, C.D cover designed, a video 'rockumentary' of your time here, and there's even provision for your friends to watch your session live via webcam!
Madtech also has a beautifully designed R & R lounge where you can relax between recordings, with refreshments, digital television, internet linked P.Cs with the latest games, stereo system, latest magazines and lots more. Simply tell us what you would like to do during your downtime, and we shall do our best to make it happen! (bookings) (top)


Sometimes a musician will feel the need to bring a previously recorded track up to date, or want to use the latest effects and filters to bring it back to life. Madtech is able to help in modernising or remixing your older material, by using the latest finishing, editing and remixing techniques to make even that ropey 4-track tape recording sound polished! (bookings) (top)

Rockstar session

Do you want to be treated like a star? That's exactly what you get with the Rockstar session. Not only do you get your brand new recording, but also a custom designed C.D cover for your new recording, digital photography from the session and a video Rockumentary of your entire Madtech 'experience'. No more looking back on a recording session and thinking 'I wish we had that on film', we wont miss a thing! The Rockstar session is set over two days with Bed & Breakfast accomodation included. (bookings) (top)

Karaoke party

Its time to party with the karaoke party recording session. Aimed squarely at amateurs and wannabe crooners, we supply the backing tracks ordered on booking and you can bring your party to Madtech for a sing-along! We will then present you with a recording of the session to amuse and perhaps embarrass for years to come! Truly an original party concept. (bookings) (top)

Free VST Plugins

Not one but 22 completely free audio plugins for Cubase VST courtesy of Maxim. Give your plugins folder a real boost with effects ranging from a simple compressor, through leslie and amp combo simulators to the exteme "RePsycho"! Comes complete with html installation guide and extensive help files. P.C
Please note All downloads are password protected zip files, click here to request password. (Privacy) (top)

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